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Investing in photos of your beloved canine companion isn't just about capturing their adorable face or playful antics; they're about immortalizing moments that become treasured memories. These timeless keepsakes immortalize cherished moments, celebrating the unique bond between you and your furry friend.

  • Why book a Pet Photoshoot?
    We all have 1000's of pics of our pet. We live in the day where 99% of the images you take end up in the camera roll on our phones or on social media, only to never be seen again. The photos we'll capture are art. They're meant to be printed, hung, admired. You're investing in the memory if your best furry friend at that time in their life... and we both know how fast that time goes. Why not lock in that memory with only the best quality. Your future Self will appreciate it.
  • How do I book a Session?
    Click on any of the Book Now buttons you see or click on Contact. You will be taken to a contact form with a few questions about you and your pet. I will reach out to set up your initial consultation either on the phone or Zoom. If you’d like to move forward after that, we find a date a book your session!
  • Whats included in a Pet Session?
    Your session fee of $ 475 includes: - Initial 15 minute consult. - One (1) hour session time at the location we decide during the consult. - Remote viewing session where we go over the top 30-40 images from the day and decided which ones you'd like to purchase. - 5 web size edited photos (of your choosing) are included. -Additional High Res Digital Images, Custom artwork, Prints, Canvas, Books, Etc are available and separate from the session fee.
  • What if my dog won't sit still?
    No issue at all. Capturing those moving shots creates some of the best candid moments. But in the event we need them to focus, we use treats, toys, sounds, etc to keep them engaged.
  • Do you offer digital files?
    Absolutely. 5 Web sized images are included in your session but should you want to purchase more, additional web size photos are available at $50 each. Full Resolution Files are purchased individually for a fee of $149 each
  • Can I book more than one Pet?
    Yes! There is a $75 fee per extra pet. We will do photos individually and together.
  • Can the photos be turned into one off works of Art?
    You bet! Alongside Photography, I spent 20+ years as a Professional Artist in the Custom Paint world offering only top tier, award winning artwork. I'd be thrilled to discuss turning the photo(s) into a one off, hand painted family Heirlooms for you and your family to cherish for generations to come.

Pet Session

  • 15 minuite Pre- Consultation

  • 1 hour Session time with one pet

  • Additional pets are $75 (no fee for including people)

  • Online proofing gallery with a minimum of 30-40 of the best images from the day.

  • Includes 5 web/social media sized edited images of your choosing

  • Digital Files, Prints and Products are available separately

  • Additional Digital Files (social media sized) are available at $50 each (Full Resolution Files are purchased individually for a fee of $149 each.

Hours may be extended with mutual consent. The possibility of an extended day should be discussed beforehand. The hourly rate after the first hour is $125. 


Processing time is roughly 10-14 days. After that we'll schedule a call / meeting to showcase the photos.

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